Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 6 - Sunday

Our last day

A little hike through the woods to the Trace from the cabin

On the road again

Almost to the finish line!
The "Trace Trio" slap hands at mile 444!

We did it!!

Day 6 - Group miles = 332
Trip total 2,631!

Our victory lunch at Chipotle

Thanks to...
Our moms for great food and support.
Our dads for investing time and money into our endeavor.
All of you for your prayers and support.
The Lord for safety and beautiful weather!

We missed you...
Uncle Stan
Uncle Wayne

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 5 – Sabbath

We spent the morning as a group studying the topic of prayer

John and Caleb enjoying a nature book together

Tyler helping prepare lunch

A delicious lunch prepared by the cyclists

Rebecca and Kirsten relaxing

Andrew and Jonathan chilling with the mascots

Kirsten and Rebecca

Sabbath afternoon hike to Baker's Bluff

Ending the day with an exciting game of Blurt!

Day 4 – Friday

Our peaceful campsite

An early, foggy start to the day
Ready to go!

Crossing the Tennessee River
Pulled off for breakfast at the bridge 
Delicious food! 
Our four mascots: (L to R) Sugar, Muffin, Marv and Maci.
A rest stop at the state line
Tennessee sounds good to me!
Part of the support crew (John and Pam) try out the tandem
Ascending the most difficult hill on the Trace
Cheering them on

Nearing the end of the day
Trace View cabin, generously donated for our group to enjoy over the weekend.

Day 4 - Group miles = 552
Trip total 2,299!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 3 – Thursday

Cliff, preparing for the day's ride


Ready for departure!

Kirsten Dysinger
Personal goal - 150 miles

Rebecca Ketts
Personal goal - 250 miles

Nick Knecht
Personal goal - 150 miles

Bike Buddies

Zach Dysinger
Personal Goal - 300 miles

Cliff (Dad) Ketts support team driver and part time biker
personal goal: 100 miles

Tyler Ketts joined us on day 3
Personal goal - 75 miles

Cliff and Lori rode 17 miles together

The mascots watching from the van

Ketts family bikers

Dysinger family bikers

The guys

Dad and daughter

Support vehicles 

Snack brake

Uncle Cliff fixes Zach's cleats

End of another great day!

Day 3 - Group miles = 690
Trip total = 1,747 miles!